A customized list of fertilizers used on your ranch is needed for CropManage to provide nitrogen fertilizer recommendations in units of fertilizer (gallons of fertilizer or pounds of fertilizer). In addition to the percentage of nutrients in the fertilizers, the density is needed for liquid (wet) products to convert between lbs and gallons.

Create a custom list of fertilizers in ranch settings by clicking the green “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the fertilizer list.

create a list of the fertilizer products that are used on the farm by clicking on the “+” icon

A list will display fertilizers entered by CropManage users. You can choose any of these fertilizer products from the public list that are used on your ranch. Before selecting the fertilizer product, check that the % nutrient content is correct and if it is a liquid (wet) product, check that the density is correct.

Public list of fertilizers

You can also enter their own fertilizer products for your ranch by selecting “add my custom fertilizer.” Select if the product is a liquid (wet) or a dry product. Enter the percentages of nutrients in the fertilizer and density (lbs/gal) of liquid products. If you do not want the fertilizer to be displayed on the public list, leave the box checked next to “keep private.” Don’t forget to select “add custom fertilizer” to save it.

Enter a custom fertilizer

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