Perhaps you do not live near a public weather station that is connected to CropManage, or you have your own rainfall and evapotranspiration data that you collected at your farm, and you want to use this data in CropManage.

Can you set up a planting and use your own weather data? Absolutely. However, you must manually enter your data into the rainfall and ET table of the planting.

Here are the steps to entering ET and rainfall data for a planting:

  1. Choose the planting that you want to edit
  2. Either right mouse click on the planting or open the planting card and select charts (the icon in the upper the right corner)
  3. Select ET data to open the table with the evapotranspiration data used for the planting.
  4. Edit the data that you want to change.
  5. The same process can be done for the rainfall data.
choose charts on the top right hand corner of the planting card
Select ET data to view and edit evapotranspiration data for the planting
The left column is the ET data that CropManage uses for the planting. This data can be edited.