There are several ways to view events depending on whether the user is on a smartphone or larger screen device such as a laptop or tablet computer. On all devices events can be viewed for a planting in a summary card. In addition to the planting card, events can be viewed in lists, tables, and a calendar when using devices with larger screens.

Clicking on a planting will open a summary card that has two tabs with different views of events. The first tab displays events as tasks and the second tab displays events chronologically.

Clicking on a listed planting will open a planting card that summarizes tasks and the history of events

On the task tab irrigations, soil samples, fertilizer applications, and tissue samples can be scheduled as tasks and viewed as completed, future, and incomplete tasks. The task view allows any ranch member to quickly review which tasks have been scheduled, completed or were not completed for a planting.

The planting card is divided into tabs that display tasks and history of events

Clicking on the history tab will display all events that have been recorded for the planting, including rain events. The events are listed chronologically with most recent events at the top of the card

The second tab on the planting card displays all events for a planting chronologically

On larger size screens, such as desk top and laptop computers, or tablet computer, events can also be viewed in list, table, and calendar formats by selecting the icons in the lower right hand corner of the planting card.

Select the icons in the lower right hand corner to view events in list, table, or calendar formats

The list and table views display all event together or separates events by category (irrigations, fertilizer, soil sample, tissue sample). Totals of applied water and fertilizer nitrogen are displayed at the bottom of the list or table.

List view of all events
Table view of all events

By selecting the water tab more information on irrigation events can be viewed.

Selecting the water tab displays more information about the irrigation events

Finally, by selecting the calendar view all events for a month can be seen together. This view can help with planning upcoming events.

Calendar view of planting events

In summary, the planting card is a quick way to view upcoming and past tasks as well as the history of all events that have occurred for a planting during the season. The planting card is also designed to be viewed on a smart phone screen. The list, table, and calendar views are only available on larger screen devices such as tablet, desktop, or laptop computers. The list and table views can provide summaries of all events together or separated by categories. This view also provides a summary of total the amount of water and fertilizer applied to the crop. In any of these views new events can be added to the planting.